Appears in:  First Channel

Sime - Male -- junct non-functioning channel

Father of Rimon Farris.  Owner of the Farris Genfarm

(Source:  Index card file.  First ChannelJunct, non-functioning channel -- at least Second Order

Description:  Unusually tall --- 3" more than Rimon, black eyes, straight black hair, mobile, expressive lips, "characteristic chin" (same as Rimon's).  "Imposing man."

Exceptionally sensitive -- nobody gets a lie past him.  Often can't go four weeks between transfers. (In Syrus's case, Kills)  Compassionate -- kept as many established kids of friends as possible for breeding stock -- otherwise made sure they were shipped far away so parents wouldn't hear what became of them. 

Can deliberately damp his fields --- an old scouting trick -- which is of course a channel's skill though nobody knows that then.

Pays Rimon's debt on Kadi, then signs her over to him.  After Rimon refuses to put her in the Pen and though disgusted and afraid of Kadi's controlling power, tells Rimon he is always welcome.  Offers them all they require to homestead --- and tells Rimon to come home when he fails.  Sad for what he sees will be Rimon's pain.

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