Technological discoveries and advances varied between Simes and Gens.  Deployment of technology went in irregular bursts even across a single Territory.  While some places had only draft animals and olive oil lamps, others had elevators, slideroads, and indoor plumbing.  Sometimes you'd find both levels in the same place. 

Electricity is never deployed anywhere on a commercially useful scale because of the cost of conductor materials such as copper.  Once orgonics technology appears, it spreads rapidly as the conductor is cheap, and selyn in ample supply. 

Check the other culture/technology Categories. 

(Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor)

Gen:  waterproofed case, window shades, hose

Sime: (Householding) --- Radiator, photography, engravers/printing (GOOD process to handle photos), water sprinkler on the grounds, hose, flexible sheets of transparent (plastic-like) material, matches. Sewer (grating in courtyard), stonework, washroom in Halfway House, "strip of light bulbs" in a corridor of Imil. Water fountain in Imil. Corridor floor of "some hard material that seemed to absorb the sound of his steps." Heavy screen sandwiched between panes of glass. Lots of large panes of glass.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever

Calculating instruments in Controller's office

Signal button and remote latch on door in deferment suite --- the door signal "ticks."

Light on Roll Board in Sime Center (for staff)

Pager -- Public Address system

Posted or published daily schedule of channel arrivals (Asquith by train).

Skip Ozik's room:   To left --- a wet bench where instant lab analyses could be done.  Far corner, the bed, with paraphenalia of treatment room.  Right --- contour lounge for transfers, adjacent library/sitting room --- light from its windows.

Rior: Horses to ride.  Mule drawn wagons

Scythes used to harvest wheat


Chemicals to make weapons

Sink pump

Heavy crystal oil lamp

Had a large kiln


Flying available, but perhaps unsafe and not widely used. 

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