The Tecton Standard refers to the process and methods of transfer and functions by Donors and channels working within the Modern Tecton. Donors and channels are trained to follow certain procedures in such a way that any channel can work with any Donor, within their range, in any situation. The Tecton Standard is part of the Tecton's Policies and Practices.

One goal of the Modern Tecton was to "standardize" all transfer and channel's procedures with scientific and mathematical precision.  One outcome of this centuries long effort is Rindeleo Hayashi's Donor training machines.

The dispassionate, detached, clinically distanced attitude taken by Tecton scientists toward the human life they measured, studied and quantified is legendary.  The manifest cruelty did produce astounding results, but at a tremendous cost.  Thus to some, the term "Tecton Standard" is the highest accolade, and to others the vilest opprobrium. 

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