Simes have tentacles that are used for both extracting selyn from Gens, using the tiny Lateral tentacles, and for gripping and holding the Gen. The longer handling tentacles are like extra fingers and when extended reach the Simes fingertips.

Tentacles (six on each forearm) lay in sheaths along the upper and under length of the forearm from just below the elbow, emerging from orifices just above the wrist.

Tentacles: Dorsals in view, one lateral sheathed. Ventrals on underside of arm and other later out of view. By Eliza Leahy

Dorsals:Two muscular handling tentacles on the top of the forearm.

Ventrals: Two muscular handling tentacles on the underside of the forearm.

Laterals: Two tiny pinky-grey transfer and sensory tentacles located at the sides of the forearms that are the nerve conduits for the transfer of selyn. 

(From House of Zeor, Chapter 2), 'Six tentacles to each forearm, two "dorsal" along the top, two "ventral" along the bottom, and smaller ones, laterals, always sheathed except in selyn transfer, along each side. Retracted, they lay along the forearms from the elbow to wrist like ropes of gnarled muscle. But when extended they were like pearly-gray snakes, supple, muscular, and hypnotically fascinating.'

(Source:  Index card file.  Handling Tentacles -- Operation High Time --  Also called "grasping tentacles" and "gripping" tentacles.  Should be strong enough to support the person's entire weight when hanging by them.  Two dorsal and two ventral per arm "sinewy ropes with a smooth, dry, ordinary skin."  Become weak and clumsy when immobilized in retainers.  Normally strong enough to support a person's weight, apparently without using augmentation.

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