From: House of Zeor, Thrino is the recognition password for the children of Simes, in-Territory who use the secret Shrines of the Starred Cross to escape into Gen Territory when they discover they have established. Most often it is a loved one who discovers this and unable to sell their child to the pens, and unable to Kill them, they let them go, to try for the border, and safety from Simes.

(Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor)  The recognition name given to Gens just through changeover who are escaping on the Way of the Starred-Cross.  The recognition password.

Klyd knows this and instructs Hugh to call the escaping Gen this, and bring "him" to the Shrine.  The only name used for this Gen girl, (description ---- flood of rippling black hair, young girl) who claims she no longer has a name because she is a Gen.  She considers the Householders perverts but is mostly just scared and miserable --- is captured by the Runzi and is Killed in transfer in front of Hugh and Klyd

Klyd watches analytically --- promises to remember her in his family forever. 

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