Appears in: To Kiss or To Kill, The Story Untold, and other Sime~Gen Stories

Gen - Companion - Male

Notes from Jean Lorrah: These characters first appear in the short story, "Reflection of a Dream," now available in the volume The Story Untold, and other Sime~Gen Stories.  Antoine Logan, Gen, is called Tony in Gen Territory, Tonyo in Gulf Territory, where he goes after Unity, seeking the music he has heard his mother and some of her friends sing. Tony's mother was born in Gulf, established, and fled across the border.

Zhag does not work as a channel, and Tony is never properly trained as a Companion at a Householding. Both of them just want to make music. link for BEST OF FOOLS (short story)

For further background information on Zhag and Tonyo on the domain -----

Source:  A COMPANION IN ZEOR fanzine #12 -- From the Sime~Gen Discussion List --- More on Muryin Alur Farris -  Letters from Jean Lorrah, dated Wed, 1 Oct 1997 --- where there is a connection with Zhag and Tonyo.  Muryin Farris—Groupie? --- Excerpt:  "Whoa!  I don’t know whether to believe the story Tony told me while I was walking the dogs today.  My first reaction was to tell him, “You wish!”  But then, when I thought it over, well … at least it’s possible, if not probable.

Tony claims that he once had an affair with Muryin Farris, and that they had a child together.

After you pick yourself up off the floor from your fit of laughter, consider these facts:  Tony is only three or four years older than Muryin.  Once he and Zhag gain a little fame, they tour all over the North American continent.  He is very handsome and sexy as all hell, and he’s talented, too.  What woman wouldn’t desire him?  He’s got a nager that could light up New Washington.  What Sime wouldn’t desire him?  He’s a fanir.  What Sectuib wouldn’t want a fanir for her householding?"  --- Much omitted.

Zhag and Tony are the main characters in The Story Untold and minor characters in To Kiss or To Kill.

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