A condition of profound and virtually unbreakable transfer dependency reinforced by both psychological and physical sexual love between a female sime and male Gen. (see: Orhuen and Lortuen.)

A Gen male and Sime female couple whose basal production rate and basal consumption rate match and modify each other naturally through a constant link which functions even when the two are physically apart. (See also: Orhuen, Lortuen, Companion and Selyur Nager)

Forcible separation from a Torluen mate, (or Lortuen or Orhuen) most often results in death.  Thus the Modern Tecton considered the three such bound relationships, Lortuen, Torluen and Orhuen, either as purely legendary, a myth propagated by insufferable romantics or the insufferably selfish, or later as a medical condition to be avoided at all costs.  See Unto Zeor, Forever.

As the Sime population grew after Unity, these three conditions were observed and documented, but found to occur only between First Order channel and Donor pairs. 

That documentation of the reality of this myth made the bound relationships dangerous to the Tecton because if one of the pair was unable to work, the other was likewise unable to work. Since part of the job of the Tecton was to breed channels and Donors, anything that might threaten their lives during breeding years was to be eliminated. 

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