Machines invented by Rindaleo Hayashi. To train Donors, so that more could be trained and overcome the Donor shortages that threatened the health and safety of the channels, especially the high order channels.

In the Forts and the Householdings after them, Donors were trained to serve and work with channels by channels.  A Companion in a Householding could lay claim to skill or reliability via the name of the channel who trained him/her.

Working styles were ideosyncratic, and Householding specific.  Customs varied, and terminology for various procedures varied.  It was difficult for a channel or Companion to change Householdings just because of the working style issue.  Zeor's style was known for its high precision, repeatability, and a very demanding repertoir of procedures.

At Unity, with the founding of the Modern Tecton, procedures and terminology were standardized.  This took generations, of course, and the Householdings guarded their internal customs from Tecton law. 

The Householding attitude that the Tecton could not and must not infringe on how channels and Companions worked within their own Householding fueled the general (disjuncting and then non-junct) population's resentment of Householdings.  And yet, most of the great innovations in techniques were generated within Householdings and/or by Householders

Rindaleo Hayashi had been a member of Zeor, but when he invented the Donor Training Machine, he was not a Householder.  He belonged to both camps, and his innovation is credited in some historian's accounts with saving all humanity from extinction.  (the Distect, of course, disagrees)

The innovation seems to 20th Century Ancients, utterly simple, and few Ancients could see anything controversial about it.  It is simply biofeedback that allows the Gen to perceive and interact with the nageric field the Gen is projecting, and to adjust Barriers during selyn flow.  But the machine is a machine -- it trains Donors not Companions, and it trains all Donors to a Tecton Standard.  The Householders object because the results are inhuman, and the Tecton objects because who would trust someone who wasn't trained by someONE?? 

Nobody changed their mind on the issues, and nobody "gave in" to the argument, but the machine trained Donors went to work -- and after years of on-the-job experience, were proven to be worthy (if lackluster) additions to the Donor work force.  Personal, hands-on development, training and nurturing by an actual person with a name remains the imprimatur of quality in a Donor.  Tecton Standard still vies with Householding styles, and the more planets humanity settles on, the hotter the argument becomes.

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