The abrupt cessation of selyn movement during a transfer but before the moment of satisfaction of Need.

The immediate physiological effect on the renSime or channel can be catastrophic, and on the Gen donor or Donor can be traumatic enough to result in lifelong phobia.

The causes for a Transfer Abort may be various, and include both voluntary (for channels only) aborts, and involuntary aborts (channels or renSimes).  A channel attempting a personal transfer, using their Primary Selyn System, may abort because of a dependency on some other Donor. 

A channel may abort when sensing Gen pain in donor or Donor.

Digen aborted on Ilyana when he felt self-disgust.

A renSime may abort in disjunction.  In that case it usually involves a pathology.

Symptoms:  Slam hypoconscious, then duoconscious, wrenching shock, limp and hurting, laterals are hard knots drawn far up into lateral sheaths (traumatized).  Whole body going rigid.    (Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever --- Third Draft)  When a channel aborts a personal transfer, it often (generally) results in death for the channel.

SUICIDE ABORT --  Channel's last resort to prevent injury to a Gen --- set off if a channel goes into a Killmode attack.  Said to be a pleasant way to die.  Suicide abort isn't something that is used to uphold the letter of Tecton law. (i.e. -- to avoid shock qualifying Rizdel), it's used to protect Gens.  Digen didn't take an abort because he knew there was an alternative better for Rizdel. 

Two Types of Abort --- SIMPLE ABORT and SUICIDE ABORT.

Digen's experience in suicide abort --- "He floated in bliss and limbo, aware of nothing but a peculiar, sourceless pleasure."  (Digen just begins the abort, is pulled out by Ilyana's presence.)

Im's father calculated that a third of all channels' primary abort problems are merely electrolyte imbalances -- concocted a drink composed of half trin tea and half a mixture of orange, grapefruit and lemon juice to use in balancng electrolytes in the body before transfer.  Both Digen and Im apparently drink the stuff.

In another draft, add "pilah" as citrus juice.  Old family recipe; don't mention father's calculations.

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