The state of being able to take transfer with only a particular Donor. Transfer dependency always accompanies lortuen/torluen/orhuen.  The condition can appear under various other circumstances, and is regarded by the Modern and Interstellar Tecton as something to be avoided at all costs. 

(Source:  Index card file.  Sime Surgeon  "Victim" feels he can take personal transfer only from one person (Donor) --- both a physical and psychological Need.  The Donor is also dependent.  Digen breaks Madder's dependency by following the Donor's pattern (discerned from clues in Madder's demand pattern) --- whenever he came to a spot where she had departed from standard Tecton procedure, he offered only an approved Tecton response until it was accepted --- hell on the boy . 

A dependency is frowned on and is technically regarded as the Controller's fault.  It is apparently a "resonance" between Donor and channel.  Image of a broken dependency as tortured, yanked-out or sliced off nerve endings.

(Source:  Index card file, labeled UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER)  Transfer dependency fades with time and the absence of the Donor. )

That "fading" effect can be accompanied by anything from fretful mood swings (for Tigue channels) to debilitating collapse (akin to a bad migraine) for Second order channels, to convulsions and death (for a Farris.)  Transfer Abort is common to all.  With such transfer abort difficulties, there is a lack of Post Syndrome which impairs a channel's ability to perform functionals.

A Tecton trained channel (who has had his systems conditioned during First Year)  who becomes incapable of performing functionals due to breaking a Dependency is in serious jeopardy because the channel's dual nervous system must function or personal health deteriorates (more rapidly for First Order, less so for Seconds and Thirds.)  The consequences of repeated Dependency issues can disable the channel resulting in early death.

The Third Order channels were discovered because they died young of mysterious maladies, and thus were termed "Delicates" by Klyd Farris's father. (see Life Expectancy Chart )

The Modern Tecton develops a Specialty termed Therapist to aid channels (and channels who specialize in aiding Donors) through such a dire disruptive period. A proficient Therapist can become legendary for an ability to prevent Transfer Abort or to take an Abort Backlash and return immediately to complete the transfer. 

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