A large room (Im's and Digen's) has two contour lounges, a monitor's chair, shower and kitchenette.(Source: Index card file. Unto Zeor, Forever)

Part of the Transfer Suite in Westfield Sime Center transfer wing --- Transfer suite set aside for channel's personal use.  A large central waiting room, filled with scattered sofas and chairs, heavily insulated and supplied with all imaginable comforts.  A number of small, private transfer rooms opened off it.

Every Sime Center has a section with heavily insulated rooms used for Personal Transfer, but usually only one or two of them with insulation rated for Farrises.  In smaller facilities, the Transfer Room might be barely a cubical with no ammenities. 

Transfer is considered an intensely private, very personal, process.  Occasionally, for reasons of Transfer Pathology, an observer or monitor might be required, so larger facilities have space for more people, and space to set up shields to separate them as necessary. 

In some Sime Centers, a special room is created with a transparent wall so that untrained observers (such as tours of children from out-Territory) can observe a transfer.  Usually, that display is just the donation of selyn by a General Order donor to a channel, not personal transfer. 

See: Insulation, Transfer

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