Pronounced - (trow-tho'-lo) A pre-transfer state in which such a precise attunement, Selyur Nager, has been achieved. If, at this point, the Donor attempts to withdraw, the sime's Kill reflex is triggered. If trautholo is protracted, a transfer dependency may result.

(Source:  Index card file.  SIME DICTIONARY)  A pre-transfer state in which the sime's and Gen's selyn fields are attuned.  If prolonged, it can lead to transfer dependency.

(Source:  Index card file.  Sime Surgeon -- code allowed it to last no longer than 3 minutes to avoid a physical dependency.

Householdings routinely prolonged it for hours to ease channel's discomfort and sharpen Need.  Tecton tolerated truatholo, since it had to be practiced to be preserved (couldn't preserve the practice in writing.)

Gen initiates the trautholo --- performs Gen equivalent of commitment --- welcoming, lowering barriers --- channel feels this through empathy --- Donor at this point emotionally and almost physically in transfer --- Donor controls, picks moment to initiate transfer (but can't pull away, which would initiate Killmode attack or suicide abort to avoid same.)

A calm anticipation of transfer, which sharpens Need and brings feelings of aliveness --- surrender without worry to the Donor's control.

Dependency resulting is called a "trautholo dependency,"  sometimes abbreviated as simply "Trautholo."

A sime-sime equivalent exists.  Channel enticing Need by falling into perfect synch with the other sime.

(Source:  Index card file. The Channel's Exemption --  Brian Inikar:  "whole nervous system had slipped into perfect resonance with Yone's.  Yone says to himself that Brian now has a "hold on him" that he hopes to break before his next transfer.

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