Appears in: To Kiss or To Kill

Sime - renSime -  Male

Baird's father and owner of The Post.

Treavor did not like Baird going to the channels and tried to keep him from turning to the perverts, believing that the Kill was the natural way for simes.

When Baird went through changeover, Treavor kept him from going to the channels as he has wished, resulting in his son becoming junct, against his personal wishes to be a nonjunct sime. He loses his daughter in the war that joined Sime and Gen soldiers against Freeband Raiders.

He takes his son to Old Chance and presents him with a Kill, and a female Gen, who turns out to be Jonmair, the daughter of the woman who's Gen he took in a peak of exasperated Need on the streets of Norlea.

After Unity is declared, Treavor holds an auction at The Post, his business establishment where Zhag and Tonyo, now perform and Jonmair now works as his ward. He spends time with some old friends who all believe that Unity is wrong and the Kill is right.

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