The point in a sime's selyn consumption cycle at which half of the selyn is used up. Each sime experiences it as the activation of his primary phobia or his image of death. The quality of the turnover experience depends on the quality of the prior transfer and the immediately availability of a willing Gen or channel. Before turnover, Need is only a memory, after turnover, Need captures the waking attention with increasing urgency, gradually blocking out all other considerations. Turnover is often experienced like a sudden free-fall experience, a stomach dropping, gasping, terrifying experience.  The shock can last a few moments, or minutes, depending on the ambient nager. 

Freeband Raiders experience Turnover as if it were attrition, and are impelled to Kill immediately.  Thus they have a cycle of about two weeks, maximum, while the norm for a Sime is about 28 days. 

(Source:  Index card file.  "Turnover Day" --- Sime Surgeon  --  Halfway point in the Need Cycle, when everything starts to come apart.  The sime starts to feel clumsy and tactless, then after a few hours, stabilizes again.  --- Jacqueline calls that point "having passed the cusp of the Need Cycle."

Friends tend to greet the subject with, "Happy turnover day!" 

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