The sensation First Order Donor Gens experience when the body has produced too much selyn and no sime has drawn it off in so long that the Gen's governors fail and selyn builds up too high a charge in the Gen tissues.

Underdraw is a pathological condition peculiar to the highest-order Donors--particularly to Gens of the Farris line.

(See also: Entran and Need)

(Source:  Index Card file, labeled SIME DICTIONARY)  A pathological condition, peculiar to the highest order Donors, in which the governors fail and the Gen's body produces too much selyn.

(Source:  Index card file, UNTO ZEOR FOREVER, third draft)  The sensation certain Gens experience when the body has produced too much selyn and no Sime has drawn it off. 

(Source:  Index card file, UNTO ZEOR FOREVER) Symptoms: Physical and mental stress made worse in the presence of a Sime in Need, soaring selyn production rate burns up body physically, or drives to suicide.  Hysteria also a symptom -- tending to ranting and raving vituperatively on moral grounds. Ilyana suffers underdraw - a "need" to give transfer.  Ilyana:  emaciated, discolored hallows around eyes, prominent knucklebones.  Reaction time slow, lack of resonance in voice.  Wispy and weightless -- selyn production eating her alive.  Her case is pathological. Transfer to a channel's secondary system (stripping/draining levels) doesn't help.  Ilyana on this 3 times a month; it was INCREASING her production.  Need to tap the GN levels only.

Imrahan (Im) feels hot -- his governors still work pretty well.  Hasn't been used 4+ by Tecton.  He also has some depression -- weak, dizzy, sweating.  Sometimes 6 to 7 weeks since transfer.  Gets worse each time his body expects transfer -- should normalize after that if "stay away from Simes in Need." (attain Transfer Dormancy

(Source:  Index card file, SIME SURGEON ---  Nobody knew what caused it -- developed in some Gens (usually Farrrises) when repeatedly exposed to deep transfers with higher order channels.  Usually came on gradually as the governors began to fail.  Gen overcharged with selyn would feel anything from pre-transfer discomfort to acute insanity and suicidal tendencies.  Ilyana is getting rapidly burned out, losing weight.  No cure.  Only effective treatment is transfer with high order channel in Need.  Then production rate begins to level off (going in sympathy with a matchmate's.)

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