Appears in: Zelerod's Doom

Sime - Male

The husband and transfer mate of Bethany ambrov Keon.  He is a nonjunct Sime Klyd recognizes as the 'delicate' type of renSime.  Uzziah and Bethany accompany Risa to Nivet.

Hugh (Valleroy) ambrov Rior--the first Gen to be recognized as a Companion of a Household, rather than in it.  He is Sosectu in his own House, yet First Companion of Zeor, and still thinks of himself as Hugh Valleroy, though he bows to Nivet custom and does not use his surname.  Fired by Klyd's own youthful, idealistic vision of Sime/Gen unity, Hugh cannot rest without making that vision tangible--in spite of Klyd's current practical pessimism.

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