Appears in:  Unto Zeor, Forever

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  Towering building in middle of town, right on Territory border.  Controller's office on 9th floor.  New residence towers on hospital side of Center.  Ten minute walk.  Huge and sprawling --- deferment suite in south tower transfer wing.  Hayashi's penthouse laboratory --- Digen runs up 15 flights of stairs to get there.  Ultra-modern 3-bed out-Territory emergency recieving unit, where out-Territory Gens who survived berserker attacks were treated (too big for Westfield Hospital).  Sime Center seems to have a psych ward.

Changeover ward --- Receptionist's counter in middle.  To the right a fenced off area for parents of out-Territory "victims," beyond which was a long dark purple corridor of the out-Territory ward.  To left --- in-Territory ward corridor, with waiting area and party hall at the far end.

Tecton Conference Room --- apparently good sized meeting room.

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