Appears in: The Channel's Exemption

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Sime - Channel - Male

(Source:  Index card file. THE CHANNEL'S EXEMPTION

Description:  Typical sime build, spare-framed, delicate looking but incredibly tough. fine sculpted lips, prominent nose, wide forehead. Skin lighter than typical Farris.  Hair almost ash blond.  Face too young to show character lines.  Solid black eyes. Has a "gentle smile."  Wears a worn Astrogator's uniform.

Had twice saved a Gen from wild animals -- had killed a cat-like hunter bare handed.  Considers himself a channel not an Astrogator.  Was on his last run, being trans-shipped to a Tecton Center.   Only sime among the Gens in the party.

Wishes to have full control of his body, and it bothers him that he doesn't.  "I can always help it!  I am what I CHOOSE to be!" Argument with himself over this control problem.  When he forces himself away from Livya (out of sex act), he cites being a Farris and not allowing his body to violate his Tecton Oath:  "My body is mine!  I control!"

Apologizes to Livya:  "I am personally shamed by my lapse of control."  His loss of control seems to be his greatest regret in "attacking" her.  To Livya:  "You cannot comprehend the wrong that you have done, and so for you it isn't a wrong.  THAT is the only kind of wrong that I forgive."

Yone is not a part of the Zeor Farrises.  Comment below about the "Tailored Effect."

The Tailored Effect: Many aspects of the show's (Star Trek: The Original Series) characters, environments and situations were supposedly "tailored" to appeal to different audiences, in contrast to most television shows which simply seek not to offend.

Star Trek Lives! Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Sondra Marshak, Joan Winston Date:  1975, Bantam Books, paperback Medium:  print Fandom:  Star Trek

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