While all Householding's channels and Companions had exercises to maintain and strengthen their skills, Zeor was known for their exceedingly high levels of achievements and the extent of the exercises that their channels and Companions pushed themselves in their pursuit to be the best that they could be. See especially Mahogany Trinrose as a potential Zeor Sectuib is starting into changeover.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  One exercise learned before changeover --- relax each set of muscles in turn, clearing mind of worded thoughts --- become more aware of one central emotion.  Thoughts distract and hide this emotion.

Are certain "routine practice exercises" --- doing these shows up in the nager.

(Source:  Index card file. "Channels" -- Card EXCERPT --- Sime Surgeon   Can force a current of selyn INTO a Gen’s body, paralyzing or killing --- only a Farris, most likely, can do it without Killing --- a Zeor technique for dealing with changeover problems, and prenatal selyn draw.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Null Backcurrent" --- Unto Zeor, ForeverA Zeor technique for breaking a dependency.  You establish a new dependency to nullify another --- if balanced properly, no dependency.

Not a general Tecton method, since it requires a monitoring channel with high performance ratings.

What was done with Jesse ---  Ilyana gave transfer, Digen monitored with Imrahan opposite him. Jesse controlled.  Time spent in trautholo is gaged against affinity for first donor, then transfer takes place.

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