Appears in: To Kiss or To Kill, The Story Untold, and other Sime~Gen Stories

Sime - Channel - Male

Notes from Jean Lorrah: These characters first appear in the short story, "Reflection of a Dream," currently out looking for a publisher. Zhag Paget, Sime, is the best shiltpron player in Norlea. At Unity he is already semi-junct and dying--he can no longer Kill, but he is too old to disjunct. This is one of those karmic situations--Tony is a Natural Donor and a match for Zhag, and of course saves his life.

Zhag does not work as a channel, and Tony is never properly trained as a Companion at a Householding. Both of them just want to make music. link for BEST OF FOOLS (short story)

Link to further background of Zhag and Tonyo, on ----

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